What temperatures for the pool water?

What temperatures for the pool water?

At first glance, you might think that the pool thermometer is only used to know the temperature of the water, for the comfort of bathers, to know if swimming is going to be “comfortable” or chilly! But knowing what the pool water temperature is is an essential aid in managing water quality.

Pool water temperature

How to manage the pool water temperature?

Knowing the temperature of the water in your pool is simple. There is the surface thermometer which is placed directly in the pool or the temperature probe which is installed in the technical room. One is less discreet and less precise than the other but also less expensive and easier to set up. Bathing in cold water is not pleasant, but if the water is too hot, it does not refresh the body and it does not bring any satisfaction. So, how to manage pool water temperature?

How to set the pool water temperature?

Everyone has their “fetish” temperature, the one they particularly like to feel good in the pool, but when each member of the family has a different preference, what to do? Another factor, and not the least, to know how to define the temperature of the water in your swimming pool is to take into consideration the reaction of the various equipment or components of the swimming pool which can react to temperatures that are too high.

The danger of thermal shock

Achieve a feat by bathing in a cold water, a beautiful bomb that splashes those who are lounging next to the pool, or take a dip to escape the scorching rays of the sun to quickly cool off, it's more than tempting! But be careful because the danger of thermal shocks is very real.

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