Heat pumps
Range SPA

Range SPA - SPA

The most

  • Ideal for SPAS
  • Runs on environmentally friendly gas R32
  • Compliance with environmental standards
  • Side ventilation
  • Optional: Bluetooth, display, Wifi module
  • Supplied with the SAVVY box
  • SAVVY compatible compatible


Heat capacity at 27°C * 10.10 kW
Consumption at 27°C * 1.57 kW
Heat capacity at 15°C ** 7.44 kW
Consumption at 15°C ** 6.42 kW
Power supply 220V~/50 Hz
Number of compressor 1
Compressor HIGHKY
Regulator EEV
Exchanger Titane twisté
Number of fan 1
Fan speed rotation 400 - 750 tr/mn
Fan direction Horizontale
Sound level 42 dB
Recommended water flow 3.2 m3/h
Product dimension (w/L/h) 1020x430x621.5 mm
Box dimension (w/L/h) 1080x455x645 mm
Net / Gross weight 67/81 Kg
Gas used R32

* Test carried out at 27°C air temperature, with the same temperature and water flow deviation obtained at 15°C.
** Test carried out at 15°C air temperature, with a water inlet at 26°C and a water outlet at 28°C in order to define the water flow, the heating capacity and the consumption, according to FPP standards.

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