Why choose solar heating for your swimming pool?

Why choose solar heating for your swimming pool?

Why choose solar heating for your swimming pool?

Why choose solar heating for the swimming pool?

A solar pool heating system is an efficient, ecological, easy to use and economical way to heat your pool. However, there must be enough sunshine to warm the water.

For which swimming pools is solar heating recommended?

This type of heating is suitable for all swimming pools but it is more particularly intended for above-ground swimming pools.

Indeed, the surface of solar panels is proportional to the volume of the pool. However, in-ground pools are often larger. It is therefore necessary to have a place large enough to install the solar collectors and if possible a space capable of concealing them to maintain the aesthetics of the swimming pool environment.

Above-ground swimming pools are more sensitive to variations in temperatures than those buried. They heat up faster but also cool down faster!

Solar heating is compatible with all pool water treatments.

The pros and cons of solar pool heating

The advantages of solar heating

This method of heating for pools can be installed by anyone, during the construction of the pool, a renovation or because the need arises. It requires little maintenance.

It is a simple technology that benefits from high efficiency if installed in optimal conditions, namely good sunlight. It makes it possible to increase the temperature by more or less 5 degrees, to lengthen the bathing period and contributes to better comfort during the season.

The solar collectors are cut to adjust better to the lay of the land or roofs. There are ready-to-use kits for above-ground pools, which makes it easier to set up.

This heating system requires a certain investment, it all depends on the volume of the pool, if it is installed by a professional or by yourself, whether you manufacture it or buy it… Solar heating uses the radiation of the sun which heats the water, the operating cost is zero, at most the costs are limited to the energy consumption of the swimming pool pump, which in any case works for water purification and circulation.

The energy used is clean, inexhaustible, ecological and economical.

Using thispool heater is simple.

The disadvantages of solar pool heating

The criticism most often put forward concerning solar heating is the unattractiveness of the sensors. Large black stripes can be difficult to conceal. Black is the color that best captures solar radiation. The pool must then be near a roof, a hill below, or a hedge that allows the equipment to be hidden. These places must be perfectly clear to receive the sun.

The larger the volume of water to be heated, the more solar collectors are needed and the more space is needed on the ground or on a roof.

The solar collectors are positioned in a space where the duration of sunshine is as long as possible and clear of any shade.

Solar heating remains dependent on the weather and seasonality. The rise in temperature of the water depends on the heat given off by the sun. It is therefore low at the start and at the end of the season. If the sun is absent, there is no heating. In April, depending on the climate zone, do not count on having water at 25 degrees!

Solar heating is the ideal pool heating mode if you are sensitive to ecology or if you want to heat your pool while respecting the environment with less impact on nature. The sun is a natural, inexhaustible and free energy. Make the most of it!

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