How a pool heat pump works

How a pool heat pump works

How a pool heat pump works

How does a heat pump work?

To operate correctly, the swimming pool heat pump is made up of fundamental technical elements: the evaporator, the compressor, the exchanger, the expansion valve and the electronic card that manages the whole. The refrigerant is essential to transport the heat, just like the ambient air which is the fuel, a free and non-polluting energy. How exactly does the pool heat pump work and by what process does the pool water heat up? How does ambient air heat water?

What happens in the heat pump when it heats the pool water?

The air/water heat pump is an aerothermal system that draws the necessary calories from the surrounding air to transmit them to the pool water.

The journey begins with the evaporator that sucks the heat from the ambient air, a renewable, clean and free energy, puts it in contact with the refrigerant fluid which is at a very cold negative temperature. The air captured by the evaporator heats the fluid which boils and turns into steam.

The compressor is driven by an electric motor with very low power consumption. The fluid in the form of gas is sucked in and compressed at high pressure. By this action, the gas heats up and rises to a temperature of about 70 to 90°C.

The circuit continues. The exchanger is a jar through which the pool water passes. It is crossed by a serpentine. The high-pressure hot gas passes through the coil, transmits its heat and heats the water circulating in the jar. The temperature of the water and the gas changes, one has warmed up and the other has cooled down. The fluid in the gaseous state when it enters the exchanger comes out in the liquid state under high pressure.

To complete the cycle, the fluid passes through the expansion valve whose mission is to reduce the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant. During this stage, the sudden drop in pressure and temperature causes a reaction, the fluid drops back to a negative temperature.

The refrigerant is directed back to the evaporator and the process invariably starts again until until the chosen and set temperature is reached.

It is these repetitions of changes in the state of the fluid that make it possible to transmit the energy, the heat from the outside air to the heat pump and to heat the pool water.

How the technical elements of a swimming pool heat pump work

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