How to maintain and winterize a pool heat pump?

How to maintain and winterize a pool heat pump?

How to maintain a pool heat pump?

How to maintain your pool heat pump?

The heat pump is reliable and solid equipment that requires little maintenance but regular monitoring to ensure its proper functioning. As for wintering, it may be essential if your heat pump is not designed to operate during cold periods or if it is not used for a long time.

How to maintain the pool heat pump?

On a daily basis, the maintenance of the heat pump is very simple and fast, it is more about control than action. The first essential automatism is to read the manufacturer's advice on the instructions and to cut the electrical circuit when an intervention takes place.

  • Regular cleaning of the swimming pool and the filtration system are essential. During this operation the heat pump is stopped.
  • It must be ensured that the water flow entering this equipment is not too low, as this affects the performance of the heat pump.
  • When restarting the heat pump, check that the water circuit is completely filled.
  • No object, chair, inflatable, etc. should be in front of the fan and/or in the immediate vicinity of the heat pump so as not to hinder air circulation.
  • The fan can be dusted with a soft brush, but do not use a pressurized water jet. The fins must be straight, if necessary they can be gently straightened.
  • You must ensure that the condensates drain properly. The exhaust duct must not be obstructed.
  • The external cleaning of the heat pump is done with a soft cloth or sponge.

Please note that the pipes and fittings must not be used as supports or steps!

How to winterize the pool heat pump?
How to winterize a pool heat pump?

Winterizing the pool heat pump can be done by yourself. Before any intervention, the machine must of course be switched off.

Close the by-pass isolation valves and unscrew the fittings which are at the level of the heat pump. The machine therefore drains of all the water. It must be completely empty, otherwise the exchanger risks bursting under the effect of frost. Completely emptying the heat pump avoids this kind of technical problem.

The pipes are either screwed back onto the machine, but they must not be tightened completely; is blocked with a cloth (fibre-free) so that dust, leaves, insects or small animals do not lodge there.

It is strongly recommended to cover the pool heat pump with a winter cover.

Here are the interviews that individuals can perform on the pool heat pump. They are limited to the indications of the user manual of the machine. A professional is essential for all other interventions and in particular those affecting the refrigerant circuit.

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