How does a pool heat pump work?

How does a pool heat pump work?

How does a pool heat pump work?

How does the swimming pool heat pump work?

The heat pump for swimming pools is more particularly intended for main residences. If the use of this equipment is very easy, it can be interesting to know the cogs in order to be able to optimize its performance or detect, if possible, the origin of a breakdown.

The process of operation of the swimming pool heat pump

The circuit is made up of four mechanical elements: the evaporator, the compressor, the condenser and the expansion valve to which the refrigerant fluid must be added. They are essential to the transformation process. To function optimally, the outdoor unit must be perfectly clear of any obstacle that could limit or prevent it from capturing the surrounding air.

The course begins with the recovery of the calories present in the ambient air by the sensors. The plate or fin evaporator draws in the captured air. The refrigerant in liquid form has a negative temperature, it enters the evaporator. The air captured by the evaporator comes into contact with the fluid and heats it. The refrigerant is transformed into vapour.

At the cost of a slight consumption of electricity, the compressor allows the calories to be transformed into gas under high pressure. This action produces heat transmitted to the gas, its temperature then rises to 90°C.

The gas continues to progress and passes into the condenser, the temperature of which is much lower . It is brought into contact with the pool water and restores some of its heat to the water. The water and the gas are then at a temperature of 45°C. The refrigerant still in a gaseous state becomes liquid as it cools when it leaves the condenser. It is at ambient air temperature and still under high pressure. As the heated water pours into the pool!

The fluid then passes into the regulator where it undergoes a sudden drop in pressure which has the effect of bringing it to a temperature of -20°C. Then return to the evaporator.

The loop is closed, the cycle continues and starts again, as long as the water has not reached the set temperature. No human intervention is necessary, all you have to do is enjoy warm and pleasant water.

Diagram of operation of a swimming pool heat pump

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