How does an electric pool heater work?

How does an electric pool heater work?

How does an electric pool heater work?

The electric pool heater is the ideal heating mode for second homes, cramped technical rooms and small volumes of water, especially for above-ground pools. But how does this device work and how do you install it?

How does the electric heater work?

The heater is a simple device that operates when the pool pump is running. It is a tube in which the water passes, a resistor inside the tube heats the water and a thermostat allows you to select the temperature to be reached. When you acquire this type of device, you must check its compatibility with the existing swimming pool pump, in particular, the flow rate of the heater must be in accordance with that of the filtration pump and therefore the volume of water to heat.

What are the main technical characteristics of the pool heater?

The power will determine the rate at which the temperature of the water will increase. There are devices of 3, 9, 12, 18 KW, we can find some whose power displays 45 KW. The higher the power, the higher the electricity consumption, and the bill follows.

It may be a good idea to install a timer so that it operates during off-peak hours and to install a tarp to prevent heat loss at night.

Power supply can be single phase or three phase. Features of an electric pool heater

For periodic use or an above ground pool, the heater body can be composite or plastic. For prolonged use, it is better to choose a heater made of aluminum or steel. While a stainless steel heater supports the salt treatment and chemical treatments deposited in the skimmers.

The heater has one or two resistors. If there are two, this limits the energy consumption when the temperature has reached the set point. The resistors or immersion heaters can be made of stainless steel or titanium.

It is equipped with a digital liquid crystal or analog thermostat which allows you to indicate the temperature you want to reach.

To adapt to the configuration of the technical room, the heater can be shaped straight or L-shaped. Some are installed horizontally while others are placed vertically or on a wall.

The electric heater for swimming pools is small in size, however the higher the power, the larger the device.

How to install the electric pool heater?

Before installing the heater, you must have read the manufacturer's instructions, ensure that you have the skills to do the work yourself and cut off the power supply to the room before intervening.

If there is enough space in the technical room, it is better to mount the heater with a by-pass so that the device can be isolated in the event of a breakdown or to manage the flow of water. A 30 mA thermal circuit breaker must be added to the electrical panel of the swimming pool.

The heater is slaved to the filtration pump. The appliance only heats the water if the filtration is on! If you have no knowledge in the field of electricity, it is better to involve a professional.

The electric heater for swimming pools is positioned after the filter but before the water treatment devices , and if possible in the lowest part of the discharge. A siphon system may be recommended and to be provided, so that the resistances are always submerged.

An arrow is visible on the body of the heater which indicates the direction of the water circulation. The heater is preset in the factory for water circulation from left to right, but it is possible to reverse the direction by turning a switch provided for this purpose.

Depending on the configuration of the technical room, it fits easily on the delivery pipe thanks to suitable fittings.

If the heater is not used during the winter months, to prevent the appliance from freezing, even if it is is in a dry room, it must be drained, hence the interest of the by-pass.

To install the electric heater itself, it is absolutely necessary to refer to the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer . This is a job within the reach of a good handyman.

To find out why to choose an electric heater to heat the swimming pool and how to maintain and winterize the electric heater for swimming pools, please discover our dedicated articles.

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