Why choose an electric heater to heat the pool?

Why choose an electric heater to heat the pool?

Why choose an electric heater to heat the pool?

Why choose an electric pool water heater?

The electric heater, like any pool heater, is a device that allows you to extend swimming time and enjoy water at the right temperature even when the weather is gloomy. With it, the desired temperature is quickly reached, the counterpart can be a high energy bill!

For which swimming pools is the electric heater recommended?

This heating mode is interesting for people who want to heat their pool but whose technical room is small or who do not want a device to be visible in the garden or clutter the pool area.

As it is energy-intensive, it is used more for small volumes of water which heat up more quickly, whether it is an in-ground, above-ground, tubular or self-supporting pool, indoors or outdoors.

The heater reaching the programmed temperature fairly quickly, it is perfect for second homes. It is preferable to use it very occasionally or for swimming periods which are limited to 2 or 3 months.

The pros and cons of the electric pool heater

The advantages of the electric pool heater

The heater is the most economical means of heating to purchase. It is installed in the technical room during construction or renovation.

Small enough, the heater fits into the tightest technical rooms. It is very easy to install, easy to use and requires no specific maintenance.

The water temperature rises quickly. It takes between 2 and 5 days, it all depends on the power of the heater, the initial temperature of the water, the volume of the pool. Pool filtration is on for the unit to heat the water.

The disadvantages of the electric pool heater

For the electric pool heater, its only negative point remains that it can quickly become a large consumer of energy, especially if it is used continuously. 1 KW consumed = 1 KW returned in heat for the water!

It is a heating mode which therefore requires reflection. The device is inexpensive to buy, it quickly raises the temperature of the water but it is surely the most greedy in electrical energy than other pool heaters.

Learn more about how an electric pool heater works and how to maintain and winterize the electric pool heater.

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