What is an On/Off heat pump and an Inverter heat pump?

What is an On/Off heat pump and an Inverter heat pump?

What is an On/Off heat pump and an Inverter heat pump?

What does an On/Off heat pump and an Inverter pump mean?

To know precisely what a pool heat pump is, you must first know that there are two possible operating techniques: it is either On/Off or Inverter. The On/Off mode is the best known, it is the classic heat pump. The Inverter is of newer and more efficient technology.

What is an On/Off heat pump?
Heat pump On/Off

The On/Off heat pump offers a single operating power. When the programmed temperature is reached, it stops suddenly. When the water in the pool cools, it restarts giving full power, causing strong variations in amperage. The cycle repeats as many times as necessary. The compressor is therefore called upon in jolts and intensity peaks are sustained during restarting.

These repeated start-ups contribute to premature aging of the heat pump and reduce its performance over time . In addition, the water is not at a constant temperature, sometimes hot and sometimes a little colder. These deviations can cause a slight inconvenience for bathers.

The On/Off heat pump has proven itself in terms of efficiency and its price is attractive. It is ideal if the pool heating period extends from April to September. It allows the temperature to be topped up during the summer period.

What is an Inverter Heat Pump?
Inverter Heat Pump

The start is gradual and no longer in jerks, so no intensity peaks. Automatically and autonomously, the water temperature rises rapidly during the heating phase (at the start of the season) then, the closer the set temperature range approaches, the more the system reduces the operating intensity of the compressor to adapt to useful power. The Inverter heat pump has 3 or 4 intensity levels that adjust according to the actual heating needs.

Full Inverter heat pumps allow precise and automatic modulation of the compressor and the fan, which makes it a particularly quiet, economical and safe heat pump.

Inverter technology gives the heat pump better reliability, longer life, improved COP; it is also quieter. It allows significant energy savings: between 10 and 20% compared to a conventional heat pump, a very appreciable bathing comfort since the water temperature is kept stable in a defined heating zone.

As the Inverter heat pump operates continuously, it is advisable to couple it with a variable swimming pool filtration pump.

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To find out more about the different types of swimming pool heat pumps on the market, find out what a 4-season or reversible swimming pool heat pump is, compare the advantages and disadvantages between the classic heat pump versus the Inverter heat pump and know how to choose between a horizontal or vertical heat pump. We offer you a able of the characteristics of heat pumps for swimming pools to summarize the different heat pumps that exist and thus make your choice more easily.

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