What is a 4-season or reversible pool heat pump?

What is a 4-season or reversible pool heat pump?

What is a 4-season or reversible pool heat pump?

The differences between the 4-season swimming pool heat pump and the reversible heat pump?

Knowing that there are heat pumps capable of heating pool water all year round as well as so-called reversible heat pumps will help you better understand what is a pool heat pump.

If the 4-season heat pump is able to heat water all year round, the reversible heat pump has a "cold" function and can therefore cool water that is too hot. Nevertheless, the 4-season heat pump can be reversible.

What is a 4 season heat pump for swimming pools?
What is a 4 season heat pump for swimming pools?

The 4-season heat pump or even called "all seasons", can heat the pool throughout the year.
The power of the device must take into consideration whether the pool is indoors or outdoors. exterior. It is also necessary to take into account the region and the more or less cold, more or less negative winter temperatures to have the pleasure of swimming even in winter and why not under the snow! The thermal balance is really essential and the advice of a professional makes sense.

Because of the extreme operating conditions, it is necessary to focus on the quality of certain characteristics. Like, for example, the evaporator, which must be particularly resistant to oxidation and have a specific technology that allows it to carry out defrosting in an accelerated way; the soldering of copper elements is more resistant if it is made with a silver additive; cycle reversal defrosting is just as important because it allows optimal operation in both summer and winter. It is imperative to check the operating temperatures of the 4-season heat pump. If the region has temperatures of -10°C, the device must be able to work at -10 and rather -15°C.

To preserve the heat of the water during the night, windy episodes and During cold periods, it is recommended, even essential, that the pool be protected by a cover or a shutter. Thermal insulation preserves the degrees of heat acquired by the heat pump, limits energy losses and financial expenses.

What is a reversible pool heat pump?

The reversible heat pump is a heat pump that offers two options. Its first and main role is to heat the water in the pond. But it happens that the water is too hot, in this case it is possible to cool it.

Indeed, if you want to bathe in refreshing water, but the latter is more 30°C, there is little interest, and no pleasure. If you want to do sports training in a swimming pool that is too hot, you are quickly uncomfortable. On the other hand, algae always proliferate more readily when the water temperatures are high and the liner if it is not high temperatures becomes soft and wrinkled.

This is where the pump reversible heat proves its usefulness not only for bathers but also for the pool itself.

The reversible pump can be On/Off or Inverter and is ideal and appreciable especially for hot regions.

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