Why choose the swimming pool heat pump?

Why choose the swimming pool heat pump?

Why choose the swimming pool heat pump?

Why buy a pool heat pump?

The heat pump is the most popular means of heating pool water. Its efficiency, the speed of its implementation are important assets. But like any device, it also has some inconveniences. The goal is for his weaknesses to be much lower than his strengths. And this is the case for swimming pool heat pumps if they are chosen with common sense. So how to choose your swimming pool heat pump?

What are the advantages of the swimming pool heat pump?

Equipping your pool with a heat pump is quick and easy. Although the installation is within the reach of any good experienced handyman, to benefit from the manufacturer's warranty, in certain cases and at the request of the manufacturer, it must be set up by a professional.

The cost operating time of a swimming pool heat pump is very low. Ambient air is the primary and indispensable energy of this equipment. The air is free, inexhaustible and generates no pollution. The heat pump needs very little electricity to operate. To be convinced, just check its COP. The heat pump restores between two and five times more energy than it consumes.
It is very reliable and autonomous equipment. Once the temperature is programmed, the device works on its own.

What are the disadvantages of the swimming pool heat pump?

Although the heat pump is economical to use, its purchase price remains high and is surely the “brake” most often put forward by future buyers. But, in use, the electricity consumption of a heat pump is much lower than other pool heating methods.

Efforts have been made concerning the sound volume of heat pumps, but some still remain noisy. If you live in a housing estate or your neighbors are close to the swimming pool, you must therefore pay particular attention to the decibels emitted and the location of the machine. Generally, manufacturers give the noise value at 1 meter and/or 10 meters. To reduce noise pollution, block silencers can be installed under the machine, they limit vibrations and therefore noise. The heat pump is powerful and emits a more or less loud blowing noise, which can be an annoyance.

The heat pump is not a radiator and depends on several factors, the flow temperature and that desired, the outside temperature, the ambient air, the climatic conditions, the region, the characteristics of the heat pump, its power, etc. It is often necessary to wait several days of heating to obtain the desired temperature. The water will take between 1 and 3 degrees per day, depending on the power of the heat pump. During this time, the swimming pool pump works, nights and days. This is why the heat pump is recommended for main residences rather than for second homes. If the air temperature is 15°C, the water in the pool can hardly be higher.

It is difficult to hide it, especially since it needs space fifty centimeters free on the back and a more or less important space on the front to allow it to function well.

The heat pump: easy to install and maintain

The heat pump is the swimming pool heating method most often chosen by swimming pool owners, because it is quick to set up, requires little maintenance and is very easy to use, not to mention its reliability and performance. energetic, ecological…

Specialist in heat pumps for swimming pools, WPool offers you different ranges of heat pumps that meet all your needs.

To help you choose the swimming pool heat pump best suited to your installation and your wishes, discover the elements to take into account when choosing your heat pump and why making a heat balance is essential to choose the heat pump that suits you.

Also familiarize yourself with technical terms such as what is the COP of a swimming pool heat pump, what is the SCOP but also what is the EER or the SEER. You will know what electricity consumption for a heat pump and what power for the pool heat pump you need.

We will explain to you why labels for the swimming pool heat pump sont importants. are important. To go into even more detail, know which material for the body of the swimming pool heat pump is generally used.

To summarize all this information, WPool offers you selection aid tables for a WPool heat pump to facilitate your choice and purchase the heat pump made for you.

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