Why labels for the swimming pool heat pump?

Why labels for the swimming pool heat pump?

Why labels for the swimming pool heat pump?

Why choose a swimming pool heat pump with labels?

In France, the label is an official recognition which is the subject of a publication in the official journal. The label is materialized by a logo, but to obtain a label and its logo (which is the symbol), it is necessary to fill in a “specifications”, determined admission conditions. The information given is verified, controlled by tests or audits regularly throughout the life, evolution of the product and/or service. The label can be withdrawn at any time if the standards enacted are no longer honored. The company therefore undertakes to respect and follow the directives. Knowing how to choose your swimming pool heat pump also means understanding what the label is.

What are the advantages of a label applied to the swimming pool heat pump?

All sellers can say: “my heat pump has the least polluting refrigerant; our machine is supported to be recycled at end of life; it meets French standards...”. But what actually proves it? The label.

Label DEEE Pro           Label FPP           Label gaz R32

The label reassures the buyer and imposes rules on the manufacturer. It is a criterion of reliability, a truth on a particular point controlled by an organization outside the company, it is a guarantee of confidence and transparency for the consumer.
It is a reference known to all, a distinctive sign of recognition, of national or international scope. If it gives products or companies notoriety and the assurance of a serious commitment, it reinforces customers who see it as verified and credible information.

For a heat pump that has obtained one or Labeling logos are an identification that guarantees that the product corresponds in terms of origin, quality, etc. to the label to which it refers. The consumer has the certainty that his purchase can be made in complete confidence.

The label is a commitment from the manufacturer who responds to a charter, it brings notoriety to the products, and/or to the company , it certifies the product or service and reassures the buyer. It’s a win-win “contract” of trust for everyone. This is a factor not to be overlooked when hesitating between 2 heat pumps with similar characteristics, the label can tip the choice!

Specialist in heat pumps for swimming pools, WPool offers you different ranges of heat pumps that meet all your needs.

To help you choose the swimming pool heat pump best suited to your installation and your wishes, find out why choosing a swimming pool heat pump is important. You will thus know the elements to take into account when choosing your heat pump and why making a heat balance is essential to choose the heat pump that suits you.

Also familiarize yourself with technical terms such as what is the COP of a swimming pool heat pump, what is the SCOP but also what is the EER or the SEER. You will know what electricity consumption for a heat pump and what power for the pool heat pump you need.

To go into even more detail, know which material for the body of the swimming pool heat pump is generally used.

To summarize all this information, WPool offers you selection aid tables for a WPool heat pump to facilitate your choice.

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