Why do a heat balance?

Why do a heat balance?

Why do a heat balance?

What is a heat balance for a swimming pool heat pump?

To know how to choose your swimming pool heat pump and not make a mistake in your choice, you need to know the capacities and functionality of this equipment and know what you expect from such an investment. The heat pump must match the characteristics of the swimming pool, the climatic conditions and the wishes of the owners. As the heat pump for swimming pools is an expensive acquisition, it is normal not to want to be mistaken about the purchase and the capabilities of the machine. Therefore, a heat balance is essential.

What is the heat balance used for?
What is the heat balance used for?

The heat balance is a diagnostic tool that makes it possible to determine the heat pump best suited to the specificities of the swimming pool and the conditions of use and geographical conditions. It allows the estimation of real needs and thus avoids energy waste by delivering the right power to satisfy the level of comfort desired by bathers. Neither too much nor too little!

What are the elements to take into account to carry out a heat balance?

The data to be filled in are numerous, but very easy to find! They relate to the swimming pool, its environment, the use and the comfort that we hope for.

What are the characteristics of the pool?

Obviously, take into account the volume and the surface of the swimming pool. And answer the following questions: is it above ground, buried, overflowing? Is the pool indoor, outdoor. Is it a private or communal pool? Is there counter-current swimming, waterfalls, jets…? Is it protected by a tarp or shelter and how big is it? What is the water treatment: salt, chlorine…? Is the power supply single-phase or three-phase?

What is the environment of the swimming pool?

Under this heading, it should be noted in which climatic zone (cold , temperate or hot) is the swimming pool. At what altitude? What is the lowest temperature in the area? What is the average sunshine rate? Is the pool in the shade, in the sun? What is its exposure to the winds? Are there trees? Where are the technical room and the heat pump located in relation to the pool?

What use and what level of comfort do you want?

And finally, it's time to take take into account the wishes of swimmers and owners! What is the desired temperature? Because this will condition the power of the equipment and its energy consumption. How many people will visit the pool? What is the heating period? All year? For a specific period? ...

All the wishes and all the physical and geographical data will be analyzed, evaluated to determine the essential characteristics of the heat pump.

Who does the heat balance?

It is possible to do the heat balance yourself. There are online configurators for making heat balances. They are often offered by net sellers, merchant sites. These balance sheets take the simplest data and are often quite superficial. It is an easy-to-use tool that gives orientation and facilitates the choice of heat pump for swimming pools. Most of the time, the result of the balance is confined to the merchant's products.

The heat balance can be done by a specialist such as the swimming pool specialist. The assessment, in this case, is more pointed, more thorough, much more precise than those of the sites. It is a personalized study that takes into account all the geographical data, the needs of the bathers and the characteristics of the swimming pool. His professional experience allows him to define specific equipment that best corresponds to the research and wishes of his customers. In addition, swimming pool specialists or heat pump specialists are not stingy with advice.

The thermal balance is an expertise, which makes it possible to propose the heat pump whose performance will be in line with all the information collected for the greatest satisfaction of pool owners and swimmers.

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To help you choose the swimming pool heat pump best suited to your installation and your wishes, find out why choosing a swimming pool heat pump is important. You will thus know the elements to take into account when choosing your heat pump to choose the heat pump that suits you.

Also familiarize yourself with technical terms such as what is the COP of a swimming pool heat pump, what is the SCOP but also what is the EER or the SEER. You will know what electricity consumption for a heat pump and what power for the pool heat pump you need.

We will explain to you why labels for the swimming pool heat pump are important. To go into even more detail, know which material for the body of the swimming pool heat pump is generally used.

To summarize all this information, WPool offers you selection aid tables for a WPool heat pump to facilitate your choice.

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