Power calculation for the swimming pool heat pump

Power calculation for the swimming pool heat pump

Power calculation for the swimming pool heat pump

Why is heat pump “power” important?

The power of a heat pump is calculated taking into account several factors such as the volume of water, the climatic zone, etc. On these data depends the right balance between the pleasure of pleasant hot water, the perfect functioning of the pump and the energy bill and will help you better understand how to choose your pool heat pump.

What is the power of a heat pump?
heat pump COP

The sizing of the heat pump influences its efficiency and its ability to heat the pool water. The power of a heat pump is expressed in kilowatts (kW) and represents the power consumed and the power returned.
The power consumed is the electrical energy absorbed for the operation of this equipment. It changes very little, whatever the operating conditions.
As for the power output, this is the energy produced by the heat pump to heat the water. This data varies according to the volume of the pool, the temperature of the water and the outside, the humidity rate.
The COP results from the ratio of power consumed and power returned.

It You should be aware that a heat pump has different performance when the air temperature is 15°C or 26°C. It has more difficulty heating water when the temperature is 15°C and the power output is lower at 15 than at 26°C. The FPP (Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals) and other institutions impose a standard of comparison on manufacturers. The powers returned are calculated at an outside air temperature of 15°C and are noted on the instructions.
For the same volume of water and similar operating conditions, the pool heat pump will have a different power depending on whether it is located in the north or south of France.

Why calculate the power of the pool heat pump?

The rise in temperature of a heat pump is around 1 to 3 degrees per day, a thermal blanket will better retain the heat.
The heat pump must be powerful enough to heat the water in the basin in a reasonable time (especially at the start of the season) without blowing up the electricity bill.
If the heat pump is oversized, the heating of the water is faster. But, when the set temperature is reached, the heat pump consumes too much electricity and its power becomes too strong and useless to maintain the temperature. The energy bill will be high.
If the heat pump is on the contrary undersized, the heating time at the start of the season will be slow and very long.

Determine the power of the pool heat pump
How to calculate the power of the pool heat pump?

To properly size a heat pump, many criteria must be taken into account: volume of water in the swimming pool, type of climate, swimming period, geographical and meteorological situation (sunshine, wind, altitude, etc.). In order not to be mistaken, a heat balance is essential.

For a "global" approach, there are several formulas and some apply coefficients that take into account the climatic zone or the amount of sunshine in the region. In general, the power of the heat pump should not be less than 3 kW. This is a very simple method of calculation. It is estimated that it takes one hour and 1 kW to raise the temperature by one degree for one m³. For example, to increase the temperature of a 50 m³ swimming pool by 2 degrees, for 24 hours: 50 X 3 / 12 hours = 12.5 kW is the minimum power of the heat pump. It is an approach that does not take into account the essential factors that guide the purchase and the thermal balance remains necessary and essential!

For a more precise approach, it is possible to find more or less simulation sites. less efficient. It must be taken into account that these are merchant sites that offer one or two models available in their range. There may be a heat pump more in line with the needs, but they do not offer! On the other hand, the specific characteristics of the swimming pool and its environment are not always complete and integrated.

In order not to be mistaken, swimming pool professionals can make a complete, individual and personalized heat balance which adapts perfectly or in any case as closely as possible to needs and expectations.

Specialist in heat pumps for swimming pools, WPool offers you different ranges of heat pumps that meet all your needs.

To help you choose the swimming pool heat pump best suited to your installation and your wishes, find out why choosing a swimming pool heat pump is important. You will thus know the elements to take into account when choosing your heat pump and why making a heat balance is essential to choose the heat pump that suits you.

Also familiarize yourself with technical terms such as what is the COP of a swimming pool heat pump, what is the SCOP but also what is the EER or the SEER. You will know what electricity consumption for a heat pump you need.

We will explain to you why labels for the swimming pool heat pump are important. To go into even more detail, know which material for the body of the swimming pool heat pump is generally used.

To summarize all this information, WPool offers you selection aid tables for a WPool heat pump to facilitate your choice.

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