What is EER or SEER?

What is EER or SEER?

What is EER or SEER?

What do the abbreviations EER and SEER stand for?

These two terms are used in the field of refrigeration and in particular for air conditioning systems and reversible heat pumps which can refresh the pool water when it is too hot. These are elements that can help you know how to choose your pool heat pump. So how to understand and interpret the information noted on the label?

What is EER?
Cooling efficiency coefficient EER

Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER is the cooling efficiency coefficient. The EER is the ratio between the energy consumption of the device and its refrigeration power, the cold it produces. It allows to know the performance of the device at a time T and under certain conditions and thus to be able to compare the machines with each other. A heat pump with an EER of 3 means that for 1 kilowatt consumed it will produce 3 thermal kilowatts.
The calculation is made according to defined guidelines, a temperature of 35°C outside, 26°C for inside and a humidity level of 50%.
Performance is classified according to seven energy levels, from A for the most competitive to G. The score of the machine is noted on a poster often with the COP or the SCOP. The higher the EER, the lower the energy bill.

What is SEER?
SEER Seasonal Efficiency Energy Ratio

In 2013, the EER was replaced by the SEER, Seasonal Efficiency Energy Ratio. The SEER indicates the ratio between the overall electricity consumption of the appliance and its cooling power over the whole season. It allows you to know the performance of the heat pump in cooling mode over an entire season. Which is more representative of the actual consumption of the device.
Depending on the performance of the device, it incorporates one of the 10 defined classes of SEER from A+++ to G.

These two performance indicators are perhaps not at first sight elements to take into account when choosing your swimming pool heat pump. But they are very good indicators as to the consumption of the machine and can be very useful when several machines meet the characteristics of the pool, its environment and the wishes of bathers.

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To help you choose the swimming pool heat pump best suited to your installation and your wishes, find out why choosing a swimming pool heat pump is important. You will thus know the elements to take into account when choosing your heat pump and why making a heat balance is essential to choose the heat pump that suits you.

Also familiarize yourself with technical terms such as what is the COP of a swimming pool heat pump and what is the SCOP. You will know what electricity consumption for a heat pump and what power for the pool heat pump you need.

We will explain to you why labels for the swimming pool heat pump are important. To go into even more detail, know which material for the body of the swimming pool heat pump is generally used.

To summarize all this information, WPool offers you selection aid tables for a WPool heat pump to facilitate your choice.

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